Rio Mandeo, Turismo, Aranga, Bergondo, betanzos, Cesuras, Coiros, Curtis, Irixoa, Oza dos ríos, Paderne

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The Mandeo Project is an ambitious program which will be carried out in several annuities. And it will mean the trasnformation of the basin of the Mandeo river into an environment with a great ecologic, cultural and tourist value.

The plan, with an investment of 12.4 million euros co-financed by the A Coruña Provincial Council and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), relies on the collaboration of the next municipalties of A Coruña: Aranga, Betanzos, Bergondo, Cesuras, Coiros, Curtis, Irixoa, Oza dos Ríos, Paderne and Sobrado, where some important actions are being made.

The project is financed by 80% by FEDER funds under priority 5 "Local and Sustainable Urban Development" of the P.O. FEDER 2007-2013.


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