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Is born the Association of Companies Turísticas River Mandeo

After years supervised by the county council, responsible for establishments involved in the project decided to continue the promotion Mandeo river basin alone.

The Project Mandeo, an initiative of the Deputation of To Coruña cofinanced with fund FEDER, has given his fruits. And after several years of tutela by part of the provincial administration has remained constituted the Association of Companies Turísticas River Mandeo, that agrupa to 31 restaurants, rural houses and entities collaborators. The aim, as it explained his president, José Soto Martínez, is aunar strengths for fomentar and dinamizar a sustainable tourism and of quality in the cuencas fluvial, in concrete in the one of the river Mandeo. With the collaboration of the Group of Rural Development of Ace Mariñas-Betanzos and of the Association of Employers of Tourism do Eume, work already in the development of conjoint activities and, for example, a project to realize the English Way to the reverse visiting the most attractive points of these comarcas.

In the official presentation of the association, that realized home of Sixto in Paderne, were good part of the employers that form part of the entity like this like several authorities. The mayor of Paderne, César Longo, bet by that they support private initiatives of this type and remembered that achieve the statement of Reservation of the Biosfera, that already happened the first filter in Madrid and the project already is in the committee of Paris, would be a buen espaldarazo for this association. The responsible Tourism of the Deputation, Antonio Cañás, explained that the helps always are more rentables when, as in this case, afterwards arise private initiatives that support and promote the projects initiated.


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