Rio Mandeo, Turismo, Aranga, Bergondo, betanzos, Cesuras, Coiros, Curtis, Irixoa, Oza dos ríos, Paderne

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The Project Mandeo exposes his experience of tourism of value added in the I Forum of Cities of the Science and the Innovation

The experts gathered in Valencia have valued the transformation of the natural resources in values for the citizenship and the tourism of the project of the Deputation of To Coruña.

Experience the transformation of natural resources for citizenship values and tourism Mandeo Project have been referenced in a panel discussion on digital citizenship which was held Tuesday at the First Forum of Cities of Science and Technology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The performance model developed in Mandeo Project, an initiative promoted by the Provincial Council and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which aims to promote sustainable development of the ten municipalities of the basin, has been presented by one of the projects technical advisors, the UDC Professor Jerónimo Puertas, who explained how the pillars that form the project have allowed Mandeo transform natural resources in the basin for citizenship values and tourism aspects addressed in an integrated way and natural heritage and river, the ethnographic heritage or environmental education.

Jerónimo Puertas stressed the importance of the actions undertaken, whose backbone Mandeo River and have been worth the landscape heritage, culture and history of this territory, ensuring biodiversity through improved conservation of natural habitats through citizen participation in the efficient and sustainable management of water, which have consolidated high quality public spaces. Proof of this is his bid for a World Biosphere Reserve under the name Mariñas Mandeo coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo.

He also recalled that the Mandeo Project has supported the creation of wealth in the area promoting the quality, perception and enjoyment of the river environment by both the countrys inhabitants and tourists. An example is the implementation of quality seal Mandeo Refuxios do Rio, a network that brings together 27 institutions-from traditional restaurants and lodgings-and four collaborating institutions leisure.

This seminar, organized by the Network of Valencian Universities for the promotion of R D i (RUVID), has served as a forum where science, government and citizenship, which have shared experiences on policies who contributed to the local municipal development based on knowledge, been exposed while the solutions applied in Spanish and European cities in different areas such as trade, tourism, digital citizenship, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Mandeo Project

Mandeo Project is an ambitious initiative, promoted by the Provincial Council and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which aims to promote sustainable development of the basin councils placing value on the water resource. The project covers ten municipalities (Betanzos, Bergondo, Paderne, Irixoa, Coirós, Oza dos Ríos, Aranga, Curtis, Cesuras and Sobrado dos Monxes) that have 40.000.


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