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The Mandeo go up to the bicycle with four routes of BTT and a big route for senderistas by Chelo and Os Caneiros

These five days are part of the activities promoted by the Provincial coruñesa to promote and stimulate the watershed.

Mandeo basin enjoy a number of scheduled routes during the final stretch of this year, four of them for amateur mountain bike (MTB) by the cycling club Cayman Betanzos, and one for walkers ward Mountain Society Artabros. These activities are part of the actions taken by the Provincial Council, through Mandeo Project, to promote the values of the river basin and to promote knowledge of its natural heritage.

Mandeo Project is an ambitious initiative of the Provincial Council, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which promotes sustainable development of a watershed consisting of ten municipalities and opting to become, along with eight other municipalities in the first World Biosphere Reserve located in the province of A Coruña under the name Mariñas coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo.

Thus the Gator club Betanzos, programming manager cyclist, has organized four mountain bike routes for 18 and 24 November, and 9 and 23 December. The first traces the route called Serra da Loba BTT, which coincides with one of the 19 plots and marked by Mandeo Project. It is a circular loop of 20.7 miles and low difficulty. The second route, scheduled for November 24, will have children as protagonists and run between Betanzos and Os Caneiros field.

The third route, to be held on December 9 in Santiago departing Ois, is designed for cyclists with high physical and technical. The route Bouncing year, on 23 December, Christmas is called Classical Rivers Betanzos, covers 25 kilometers and its degree of difficulty is low. For its part, the Society organizes Artabros Mountain on November 25 the last of the three hiking trails scheduled for this fall. This route starts at Ponte de Xora, runs Dous Nomes river on both margins, then descends to the river crossing the Ponte das Pías and, after passing through the Central Wattle, along the right bank of the river reaches Chelo, continue along A and Os Teixeiro Ponte Caneiros to Betanzos, where he concludes. Traverses the municipalities of Coirós, Paderne and Betanzos. Its distance is 18.4 miles and the difficulty is low. Hikers interested in enjoying the natural environment of unique beauty that holds the Mandeo have all the information in

Mandeo Project, which has a budget of 12.4 million euros, aims to focus on the natural heritage and ethnographic tourism in this basin by optimizing water resources, river approach to citizens, training environmental and socio-economic promotion. Mandeo The territory comprises the municipalities of Betanzos, Bergondo, Paderne, Irixoa, Coirós, Oza dos Ríos, Aranga, Curtis, Cesuras and Sobrado.


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