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Why Mandeo basin?

After developing a detailed analysis of several basins, A Coruña Provincial Council considered that the state of the mandeo basin justified its election to implement a pilot environmental regeneration project. Its choice was decided on six variables:

1- Low degree of regional development (as it is an eminently rural area), mainly in the headwater basin; which has socioeconomic indicators that are clearly under the provincial average.

2- Nil tourism promotion, despite its potential atracction regarding to cultural and leisure activities. The basin is located twenty minutes far from the town of A Coruña, which confers it a significant tourism potential.

3- High scenic, cultural, and ethnographic value. And great ecological wealth.

4- Shortage of facilities regarding to the water cycle, mainly in the headwater and middle basin.

5- Some actions are needed to adapt the river to the known "good ecological state." Nevertheless, the fact of lacking a big dam and having a more or less natural water circulation; is important to define a flow pattern which is not ruled by energetic but fluvial criteria.

6- Among the basins which meet the previous requirements, Mandeo basin spanned more population than the rest.

Choosing Mandeo basin does not prevent other basins from being the subject of analogous projects in the future. Actually, some basins with very irregular flow patterns, as river Eume basin; have already made some of the steps here propound, being really successful in terms of area dinamizing.

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