Rio Mandeo, Turismo, Aranga, Bergondo, betanzos, Cesuras, Coiros, Curtis, Irixoa, Oza dos ríos, Paderne

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"Refuxios do Río Mandeo" gives the first steps to convert in association

The mark, formed by a net of 17 restaurants and 10 houses of rural tourism, has fixed like aim of the future association the bet by the quality and the sostenibilidad of the territory.

Refuxios do Río Mandeo is a quality brand created by the Provincial Council under the Mandeo Project, whose main purpose is to promote rural tourism and gastronomy in the municipalities in this watershed, a privileged natural area next years aims to become a Biosphere Reserve. Currently, the network consists of 27 establishments, including restaurants and lodging, leisure and four collaborating institutions.

Since the project Mandeo ending December 2012, the Provincial Council decided to promote the establishment of a permanent association that brings together all establishments. To this end, have launched a series of actions aimed at the creation and revitalization of this future partnership.

The first step is to determine the objectives for the development of the common brand and image, most notably the commitment to promote quality in the companies involved, respecting quality requirements with which the brand was created Refuxios do Río Mandeo, promoting training and professional updating.

Furthermore, Refuxios also want to ensure the sustainability of the territory in which they operate. Hence, another objective is to sensitize the local population, professionals and the general public about the need to understand, evaluate, protect, and sustainably boost the natural and cultural heritage of the territories in general and the Mandeo basin in particular. For this reason, the Refuxios undertake to promote projects revitalizing social, cultural and tourism that promote sustainable economic development and planning, and also to establish contact with similar associations in Galicia, Spain and elsewhere to share experiences and create products sets that promote sustainable tourism and nature.

Once established association Refuxios do Rio Mandeo, this will launch actions like call for technical seminars targeted at professionals in the seal of quality, and corporate procurement.

Mandeo Project

Mandeo Project is an ambitious initiative, promoted by the Provincial Council and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which aims to promote sustainable development of the basin councils placing value on the water resource. The project addresses issues such as integrated natural and ethnographic heritage, tourism promotion and environmental education, three basic pillars to enhance the economic and social development of the territory Mandeo. This covers ten municipalities (Betanzos, Bergondo, Paderne, Irixoa, Coirós, Oza dos Ríos, Aranga, Curtis, Cesuras and Sobrado dos Monxes) with 40.000 inhabitants.


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