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Bergondo is located in the centre of the region of As Mariñas. It is one of the main manufacturing centres of jewels of Spain, as a legacy of certain artisanal families from the XVIII century. Nowadays, they compete at international level due to its high quality.

Summary card:
Surface: 32.7 km²
.Population: 6,539 inhabitants (Source: INE - 2006.)
Parishes: Bergondo (San Salvador), Cortiñán (Santa María), Guísamo
(Santa María), Lubre (San Xoán), Moruxo (San Vicente), Ouces (San
Xoán), Rois (Santa Mariña), Santa Marta de Babío (Santa Marta), Vixoi
(San Fiz.)What to see: Pazo de Mariñán, Monastery of Bergondo,
beach of Gandarío, temple of Ouces, temple of Guísamo, Pazo de Armuño,
Pazo de Casal, Pazo de Valdomir.Festivals: Galician Music Festival on 11th of September; pilgrimage of Santa Marta in Babío on 29th of July; San Salvador on 6th of August; Nuestra Señora in Guísamo on 15th of August; and the festivals of San Roque, which are also on 15th of August.
Surroundings: Regarding monuments, the Monastery of Bergondo of
the year 1138 is doubtless what attracts the visitors attention the
most. Regarding civil architecture, there are plentiful Galician
country houses and pazos from the beginning of the century,
standing out the one of Valdomir, in Guísamo; the one of Armuño, in
Lubre; the one of Casal, in Santa Marta of Babío, the one of Fiobre,
owned by the Romays, and specially, the Pazo of Mariñán, which is
nowadays the cultural centre of the regional Council of A Coruña. Its
beaches, very crowded in Summer, mustnt be forgotten: Gandarío, Moruxo
and O Pedrido.
The remarkable environmental quality of the municipality and good
communications have favoured its development as a place of second


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