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Betanzos dos Cabaleiros, one of the ancient provinces of the Kingdom of Galicia, is nowadays the capital of the region of its very same name, and one of the most beautiful and representative historical towns of Galicia.

Summary card:Surface: 24.2 km².Population: 13,165 inhabitants (Souce: INE - 2006.)
Parishes: Betanzos, Brabío (San Martiño), Piadela (Santo Estevo),
Pontellas (Santa María), Requián (Santiago), San Pedro das Viñas (San
Pedro), Tiobre (San Martiño.)What to see: Churches of San
Francisco, of Santiago, of Santa María do Azogue; entrance doors of the
town; O Pasatempo park, CIEC Foundation; and Museum das Mariñas.
Festivals: Pilgrimage of A Magdalena on Holy Monday and Tuesday; San Xoan on 23rd of June, maritime procession of Nuestra Señora of O Carmen on 16th of July; and the well-known festivals of San Roque with the Balloon and Os Caneiros.

: This small town, capital of one of the
ancient provinces of the Kingdom of Galicia, has its centre in the
Irmáns García Naveira Square at the foot of the missig wall. The
Convent of Santo Domingo, the Archive of the Kingdom
of Galicia, and the Public Library, all built during the XVII and XVIII
centuries, are at one of its sides. The School Huérfanas, from the
XVIII century, is in one corner. Going up to the old town; the
Neoclassical townhall, the pazo of Bendaña, and the church of
Santiago can be watched in A Constitución Square. The well-known pazo
of Lanzós is just opposite the church.

The Gothic temples of
Santa María do Azogue and San Francisco are the two more important
buildings in Betanzos, having a typical small square and a calvary
sculpture or cruceiro between them. Some remains of popular
architecture are also preserved in several Gothic houses from the XV
century and in three medieval doors.


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