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Since it was founded in the year 952; the history of Sobrado dos Monxes turns around the monastery that shares the very same name. It was declared National Historical Artistic Monument, and visitors should not leave these lands without visiting its beautiful walls.

Summary card:Surface: 120.6 km².Population: 2,289 inhabitants (Source: INE - 2006.)
Parishes: Carelle (San Lourenzo), A Ciadella (Santa María),
Codesoso (San Miguel), Cumbraos (San Xiao), Folgoso (Santa Cristina),
Grixalba (San Xiao), Nogueira (San Xurxo), A Porta (San Pedro), Pousada
(San Mamede), Roade (Santo André.)
What to see: Monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes, Lagoa de Sobrado, Pazo of Gado and Pazo of Golmar.
Festivals: Virgen de los Dolores on 13th of September in Porta; San Vitorio and San Cidre in Grixalba on 14th and 15th of May; and San Ramón on 31st of August.

: Several data of the Monastery give
an idea about the importance and power that this architectural treasure
once concentrated. Thus, in the year 1773 its hospice accommodated up
to 8,000 pilgrims that were in the way to Compostela, and about 3,000
travellers; having 80 monks who gave daily tithe to about 600 people using up to 5,000 ferrados (Galician
measure which makes about the fourth part of a bushel) of wheat and
rye. Tourists and neighbours can currently visit it attended by a friar
who meets them at the lodge. In its surroundings, the artificial lake that the river Tambre makes was declared space of ornithological natural interest. With regard to civil architecture, the pazo of Gado and the pazo of Golmar in Roade stand out. Whilst in the religious sphere, the churches of Cardelle, with Romanesque apse, and A Cidadela, which dates from the end of the XII century, are interesting. Remains of a Roman camp are also preserved in this parish, althoug it is still in excavation stage.


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