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The Ancient Area of Betanzos

It was declared historical and artistic landmark in 1970 because of its monuments, houses and ancient neighbourhoods. Having a walk in Betanzos is the same as having a walk in one of the most ancient and with more history cities of Galicia.

Description: The vital centre of the town is the García Hermanos square, also known as O Campo as it was secularly the field of its famous fair. There you can admire a Versailles style fountain of the goddess Diana. On one side we can see the Santo Domingo convent with its baroque tower, the Archive of the Kingdom of Galicia and the female orphan school (Colegio de Huérfanas), from the XVIII century. Going up to the Constitution square; the Council-House, the pazo (kind of manor house) of Bendalla and the modernist Casa Núñez stand. In one side of the square, the church of Santiago is located with its main gate faced to a cozy spot with magnolia, opposite the pazo of Lanzós. Another monumental landmark, fostered by Fernán Pérez de Andrade, is the one formed by the churches Santa María de Azogue and San Francisco. Inside Santa María, fourteen very valuable Flemish carvings are kept; and inside San Francisco, the impressive sepulchre of Fernán Pérez de Andrade "O boo" which dates, according to an inscription, from 1387.

Surroundings: At the outskirts of this historical town, you can find the Parque do Pasatempo (park of the pastime), a great eclectic building site which started to be built in 1893 as an encyclopaedic and educational park with ponds, grottoes, marble statues and great concrete explanatory relieves.


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