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Entrance Gates to the City

The city or villa of Betanzos has several entrance gates to the city. Four of them are the most representative.

Gate of Puente Nuevo: Located in the West area of the city, it communicates calle San Francisco with calle A Ribeira. It was built in the XV century and it is in the best condition of them all since keeps its original structure. The springs of the aches and the lateral walls of the towers are still visible in the outside, as well as the corridor that joins them. The interior of the gate has a pointed, double arcade. The slots that guided the portcullis up and down are clearly noticeable.Gate of Puente Viejo: Located in the East / South East area of the city, it communicates calle A Cerca with calle O Alfoli. It still preserves the slots that guided the portcullis in its lancet arch, which were subsequently replaced with pales and bars. In front of this gate, was done the weight control of the goods that were brought to be sold at the market.

Gate of el Cristo: This gate is also known as the gate of A Ribeira or the gate of Paio Fermoso, and communicates calle A Ribeira with calle A Cerca, both located in the East area of the city. A false tympanum is enhanced by a crucifix with a painting of a city under a sun and a moon depicted on it.Gate of la Villa: Nowadays it does not exist, since it was demolished in the mid XIX century. It was the main entrance to the city. On the wall of the house there still can be seen the coats of arms which evidence that Henry IV granted the title of city to Betanzos in 1465.


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