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James church

It is located in Betanzos, in Lanzós street adjacet to the A Constitución Square. This church from the XV century was built by Fernán Pérez de Andrade "O Mozo", on the basis of an older Romanesque style temple

Description: Regarding both its architecture and its iconography, it is
similar to the Church of Santa María del Azogue. It has a basilical
floor plan, three naves, and three apses. Two pairs of supports divide
the inside in five areas. The bent plate roof covering is made of wood,
and has a coffered ceiling made at the end of the XIX century.
Style: It is a beautiful sample of the transition from the
Romanesque art to the Gothic art, having also a discreet neomedieval
facade with a certain air of lomabardo style. Although it is somewhat
distorted because of the rebuilding it underwent in 1900, when the only
tower the temple had was removed, the whole front was rebuilt and two
towers crowned by long spires were risen. Fortunatelly, the main door


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