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Building and improvement of water supply infrastructures

Aim: Study, design, and improve or build water supply infrastructures in the Mandeo River basin.

Stages of action in the Mandeo River:

1.Analysis of the existing infrastructures and assessment of the deficit from the information included in the IDE-Dicoruña (EIEL) (Spatial Data Infrastructures-A Coruña Regional Council [Survey of Infrastructure and Local Equipment]).
2.Analysis and assessment, suggesting improvements if required, of the actions planned in the Galician Water Supply Plan (GWSP) 2005-2025 in the target municipalities.
3. Agreement with the Councils about the necessities and actions to be carried out.
4.Development of projects:
-Design of infrastructures through the application of the new Technical Specification Sheets for the Design of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems of EPOSH (Public Company of Building Works and Hydraulic Services)
-Augas de Galicia (Autonomous Government of Galicia).
-The use of renewable energies will be promoted.
-Establishment of directions for building work.-Building of water supply infrastructures.
-Development of a common image.

Framework for Action
The actions suggested in this project are mostly actions included in the GWSP, with adjustments resulting from adapting them from the scale of the Plan to specific projects. In general, the GWSP affects those systems supplying water to more than 50 inhabitants, taking into account the following clarifications:

:: It includes all the singular population entities connected to the municipal network, having more than 50 inhabitants or not, resulting in a total amount of 2,119,706 inhabitants (77.05% of the total population in Galicia) and 10,242 singular population entities.
:: It takes into account the singular entities of fixed population with 50 or more inhabitants not connected.:: It includes known local systems that supply water to a fixed population superior to 50 inhabitants (in Galicia there are more than 1,600 systems with these characteristics, affecting about 160,000 inhabitants, 5.82% of the total population).

Timescale: The GWSP has been planned with a design life of 10 and 20 years, corresponding to the years 2015 and 2025.


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