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Mandeo ethnographical and training centre

In order to value the cultural and archaeological heritage of the basin, in Curtis, head of Mandeo, is being built Training Centre and Ethnographic.

The design work of Barge Bouza study Architecture, reinterprets typical Galician Palleiro or popular houses, in order to cause the least possible visual impact and integrate seamlessly into the forest area where it will be located.

It will enable eminently didactic purposes, and will have an important collection of ethnographic material. The center will provide the necessary equipment for small groups of people can make interactive learning activities, and will have lecture halls, panels, movie screenings, models, etc ...

This center, along the River Ecosystem Interpretation of Sway, one of the most entity in the project because, by their location, serve as connecting links between segments medium-low and high river. The basin has a hilly terrain that makes the high and low areas only have contact through these centers and is a continuation of the project.


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