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Course on integration of the cycle of the urban “water” in the Diary 21 Venue

Poses the realization of courses on the integration of indicadores and values of reference that evaluate the management of the systems of abastecimiento and saneamiento.

The experience purchased in the development of the Project Mandeo has put of manifest the need to find tools that, from the most next action to the citizens, the one of the municipalities, integrate the politics or strategies of main spatial scale, more territorial. The Diary 21 Venue (AG21L) can convert in this tool.

The Diary 21 Venue is the element more widely difundido and accepted by part of the local authorities for abordar the environmental problems from the approach to «think globalmente and act locally».

Is, in essence, a process participativo and multisectorial to achieve the metas of the Diary 21 (one of the main results of the Summit of the Earth of River 92) to local level through the preparation and implementation of a strategic plan on a long-term basis that it direct the local subjects prioritarios of sustainable development.


The day has like aims the following:

• Review the evolution and consolidación of the AG21L like process of implantation of politics and strategies of sostenibilidad in the municipalities. They would analyse also the strong points and the weaknesses that the years of experience have put of manifest.

• Than different municipalities with AG21L expose his experience, especially from the appearances related with the water.

• Analyse the possibilities of performance of the Deputation in the processes of AG21L with strong implications in the factor water.

• Review the plans that at present are in course, approved or in process of approval, by part of Waters of Galicia, highlighting and analysing which appearances have to be had in account and have to be adopted and integrated by the city councils.

• Reflexionar On the possibilities of use of the AG21L to integrate political and planning of upper field to the municipal and review the paper that can play the
Deputation in this integration.

�To who goes directed?

• Members of the corporaciones local responsible of the environmental subjects or of the development of Diaries 21 Venues
• Technicians of the administration related with the water.
• Technicians of means ambiente of the administrations.
• Companies consultoras of engineering.
• Companies of management of the cycle of the urban water.
• Students.
• Organizations ambientalistas, conservacionistas, associations of neighbours, …


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