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3._Citizens information

Once achieved that the river and its waters fulfil certain standards of quality; it is necessary to go one step further in this project: we have to let population know this. The easiest way to do it is through the centres that will support the project.

Actions: The population will have three points to bring the basin closer at their disposal:

1._The Pazo of Mariñán, located in the low part, will house the remote water quality stations monitoring centre; and have informative boards and data screens.
2._Theleisure and ecological interpretation area of the diversion dam of Chelo, which currently houses a nature interpretation study centre; located in the low-middle basin. This point will be the seat of the River Ecosystem Interpretive Centre, where the monitoring of environmental parametres will be located. The dam, which includes a scale of fishes with vertical fissure, will be prepared to enable visiting the scale and the counter. And it will be the starting point of routes of natural interpretation.
3._The Training and Ethnographic Centre of Mandeo, will be located in the council of Curtis, in the headwater basin. Taking the advantage of an old potable water treatment plant close to a waterwheel; technical and cultural aspects will be explained, stressing the link between the river and the population. The centres are located along the river; in its low and middle stretches, and in the headwater basin. Thus, they act as connectors between both zones, structuring the project. Starting in these centres, the basin will be covered with hiking routes or itineraries of cultural interest; as for example the route of Os Caneiros, which goes uostream from Betanzos.

Aim: Every monitoring centre of physical-chemical, biological and morphological data will be tele-monitored. And through a monitoring and transferring software, these data will be transferred in real time to the interpretive centres, where they will be shown publicly to the citizens. Thus; with the boards indicating the paremetres evolution, in educational and visual terms, citizens will be able to see the efforts that have been carried out, and the results that have been obtained. Data will be also at the public disposal in the website of the project and in the institutional website of the Regional Council of A Coruña.


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