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You´re in:Mandeo Project / Press / Planning information / A Coruña receives 8.6 million euros from the ERDF funds for the recovery of the Mandeo River basin


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A Coruña receives 8.6 million euros from the ERDF funds for the recovery of the Mandeo River basin

The Regional Council of A Coruña will receive a contribution of 8.6 million euros from the ERDF funds of the European Union to develop the recovery project of the River Mandeo basin, a project where the municipalities of Betanzos, Aranga, Bergondo, Cesuras, Coirós, Curtis, Iritxoa, Oza dos Ríos, Paderne and Sobrado are integrated.

EUROPA PRESS. 16th June, 2008.

This EU contribution is complemented with an inversion of other 3.8 million euros that the Regional Council of A Coruña will finance with its own funds in the three-year-period 2008-2010, according to the inversions programme developed by the Regional institution. The Mandeo project will have, consecuently, a total inversion of 12.4 million euros.

The president of the Regional Council of A Coruña, Salvador Fernández Moreda, stressed as "very positive" the EU commitment with this project, which emerges from the study carried out in the Strategic Plan of the Province, which was approved the previous year and carried out by the Province Council with the contribution of the Caixa Galicia Foundation and the universities of A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela.

The aim of the Mandeo project is to optimize the use of water and the quality of the river ecosystem in the river basin. To success in the regeneration of this basin, supply and cleaning-up infrastructures will be built or improved, observation and training centres will be developed and environmentally degraded areas will be restored.

The pollution will also be reduced, training courses will be given to the municipal engineers and public awareness campaigns and educational programmes with a environment teaching unit will be developed.

Creating a web of the project to allow the citizens participation and as media for the actions taken, is also planned according to the proposal presented by the Province Council of A Coruña to the European Union.


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