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Cleaning up and piking up water is a priority of the Mandeo river

Mayors, from the Popular party, of the municipalities along the river, support this 12.5 million euros project from ERDF and Provincial Council of A Coruña funds.

La Opinión local newspaper (A Coruña.) Wednesday, 2nd June, 2008.

The regeneration proyect of the River Mandeo basin, that will involve an important inversion of 12.5 million euros, 8.7 from the European Regional Develoment Fund (ERDF) and the rest from the Provincial Council of A Coruña, has as a priority in its first stage, everything related to the water cleaning-up and the water supply. The Popular party member of the Provincial Council, Ricardo García, explained this accompanied by mayors of some of the municipalities favoured by this plan, since these municipalities are along the river. The improvement in the water use and the water extraction together with the control over the spills, will improve the quality of the river water. This will start the second stage: establishing areas in the basin to visit the basin from there. A control centre of the remote water quality installations will be located closed to the pazo (kind of manor house) of Mariñán. In the area of Chelo, in the Municipality of Betanzos, a river ecosystem interpretation centre will be created and as a consequence, the nature classroom will be enlarged. An ethnographic and formation of the Mandeo River centre will be created at the beginning of the basin.The mayoress of Betanzos, Maria Faraldo, stressed the importance of the project and declared that the city will contain a rainwater treatment fist plan. She stressed the importance of the creation of pedestrian paths along the river. She assured that this can be "a driving force element". Faraldo, with regard to the protection the Xunta has given to the marshes, showed her satisfaction because she completes this European plan.


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