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The Regional Council will built an ethnographic centre through the Mandeo project, in Curtis.

The Regional Council of A Coruña will built an ethnographic centre in the municipality of Curtis. It will also carry out the creation of another river ecosystem interpretation centre in Chelo, in the municipality of Betanzos, through the different actions programmed within the recovery plan of the Mandeo bsasin.

EL CORREO GALLEGO, local newspaper. 20th May, 2009.The guidelines of these actions have been put forward this morning to the mayors of Bergondo, Betanzos, Cesuras, Coirós, Curtis, oza dos Ríos, Paderne, Sobrado dos Monxes, Aranga and Irixoa, in a meeting that has been chaired by Salvador Fernández Moreda. This meeting had also the presence of members of the Regional Council Antonio Lagares, José Manuel Pequeño Castro, Xoán Cabo and Xesús Veiga Sabin and engineers of the Regional Council and the University of A Coruña. The recovery plan of the River Mandeo Basin considers a measure in a geographical area formed by ten municipalities and with a total population of 40,000 inhabitants. Highlighting the natural heritage of the area and the promotion of the river as the driving force of the economy of the region are the main objectives of this plan. These are also the objectives of the ethnographic space in Curtis, that is considered as a nature interpretation centre with educational and training elements for aquatic practices. The engineers of the Regional institution are currently analysing the geographical enclave of the municipality of Curtis, where the ethnographic centre will be placed. Likewise an interpretation centre in Chelo that will have a river fishing school, is also proposed. During the meeting, information about the developed actions has been given. According to this, a study of the "zero state" of the area has been carried out. Thanks to this study, a total of 1,035 objectives have been identified as fauna and flora observing areas, leisure areas, routes, patrimonial goods, and among others, important environmental spaces. This will immediately allow the start of the works for the definition of hiking routes and the leisure areas Master plan, with their corresponding teaching units. A estimated 3 million euros budget will be addressed to undertake this action. Likewise, a study containing a valuation about the current area cleaning-up situation has been carried out. This study will allow the starting of a program that will prioritize the developing actions in the waters´ cleaning-up plan, with an inversion of four million euros. The Regional Council of A Coruña is also working on the creation of a corporate image that defines the quality label of the area through a public competition. It is also working on the design of other actions aimed to encourage the rural tourism within the ten municipalities of the River Mandeo basin. To carry out this action, 450,000 euros are assigned. The president of the Regional Council, Salvador Fernández Moreda, has highlighted the importance of the Mandeo basin recovery project, not only regarding to the recovery and revaluation of the natural and cultural heritage of the area, but also in its aspect of financial dynamization object of the area, as well as the inversion initially quantified in 12,4 million euros. That is the reason why he has asked the municipalities for contribution to develop the project successfully.


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