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Report of sociological variables

Just as the natural heritage of the bed can boast about its great value; a detailed analysis of other variables such as population, education, labour market, and drainage show a very different scenario. The study shows a disadvantaged area which needs preferential action.


-The average population density in these municipalities is the third part of the provincial average and the half of the Galician average. There are two councils with high population density: Bergondo and Betanzos, which trebles the provincial average. However, other councils such as Aranga, Irixoa and Sobrado have a population density that is barely the fourth part of the Galician average.

-Population ageing in these areas is a outstanding data, since the percentage of elders is 5 points over the Galician average and 6 over the provincial one. Its vegetative growth is negative, which denotes a population loss. Birthrate is practically at a standstill.
-Its average levels of gross disposable income are far from meeting the provincial or autonomic figures.

-Education level among the population is very far from the provincial and autonomic avegare education levels. Specially, with regard to the womens collective, whose illiteracy rate trebles the mens one.

-Their activity rate is 5 points under the autonomic average and 6 points under the provincial one. Although the unemployment rate is 2 points under, there are strong negative differences in the womens case.

-Its sewage treatment rate is really under the Galician average. And its selective waste collection rate is very far from the provincial and autonomic figures.

- In the province of A Coruña; out of 279 sprawl under 1,000 h-e, 73% (75,620 h-e) do not fulfil the directive 91/271. Most of these are integrated in the project. There is a serious problem regarding the treatment of rural environments.


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