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Chelo dam

It is an elargement of the Mandeo river, in the municipality of Coirós. It is located in the surroundings of Chelo and was declared declared picturesque place in 1971.

Description: In this beautiful natural place, where the river, withcrystal clear waters and rocky bed, has its steepest and rockiestfeatures; having a swim, go fishing or hiking upriver is possible. Theleafy vegetation, having dense bank forests and heterogeneous faunaassociated to the fluvial ecosystem, deserves a detailed explanation.

Fauna: The nex species live in Chelo; Trouts, sea trouts, eels, or the valuedsalmon, which is in most Galician rivers. In fact, the Mandeo is one ofthe few Galician beds that this specie that goes upriver during itsmigration. A peculiar aquatic mammal is also found here: the otter.They are difficult to be seen, as the most common is finding footprintsor excrements. Turning to birds, the white-throated dipper is one ofthe most representative birds. They submerge in the river and dive tothe bottom of the bed grasping the stones with their claws in search ofinvertebrated. White wagtails can also be seen searching any insect atthe bank of the river or on the rocks.

Facilities: It has a Nature hall, which offers an interesting environmental route along the Mandeo.Guided visits are allowed bith for organized groups and individuals. More information in SERVIZO DE CONSERVACIÓN DA NATUREZA DE A CORUÑA: Tlf. 00 (34) 981 184 539 / Fax: 00 (34) 981 184 654 (see web link.)


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