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Festivities of San Roque

They are the great festivities of Betanzos, which have been declared of National Tourist Interest and are celebrated from the 14th to the 25th of August. A wide and varied programme is celebrated; standing out the climbing of the paper air balloon, and the river tour of Os Caneiros.

Origins: the paper air balloon is launched at midnight of the Patron Saints day, the 16th of August. It has been artisanaly made by the Pitas family since 1875. In doing so, they use 120 kilograms of paper, many litres of paste, and known artists drowings. The result is a hugballoon of 25 metres high and 50 metres wide.

Launching: The process of blowing it up hardly lasts half an hour thanks to the pachuzos or rye straw that heat the air inside it. Once inflated, it is turned so that the audience can admire the funny drawings; and then it is untied along with a basket full of fireworks, among the applauses and cheers of the crowd congregated in the square.

Description: Os Caneiros is celebrated on the 18th and 25th of August. In these two days of river tours, the Mandeo river is full of adorned boats that transport the people taking part in the festivity upstream to enjoy in the field of a festival that lasts the whole day. The departure, at the old bridge, occurs at midday; so foof is taken to bear the bucolic crossing better. When going back, at nightfall, people make the most of it and have dinner on the boats to arrive in the started point with the water fireworks session.

Programme: In the festivities of San Roque other events also stand out; such as the childrens and junior Queen crowning parties, the Procession of the Santa Marías day or the "El Voto" event. All of them are accompanied by guild medieval dances. The concerts and night festivals that liven up these days also stand out.


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