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Mandeo Project

River Mandeo goes over more than fifty kilometres from its source in the summits of the Cova da Serpe, located at 700 metres of altitude from the municipalty of Sobrado in A Coruña; to its mouth in the beautiful ria of Betanzos. Moreover, the lower stretch of the river Mandeo is considered a natural protected area, as it is integrated in the Nature Net 2000.

Mindful of the important environmental and cultural heritage of this basin, the Council of A Coruña initiated a pilot program, exportable to other basins, to promote sustainable development using the river itself as an inclusive and dynamic.

MANDEO PROJECT had just been born.

More information about Mandeo Project

Summary and justification
Management bodies
Participation of the councils
AimsThe main goal of the project is boosting the sustainable development of the basin of the Mandeo using the river itself as the area promoting...
ActionsImplementing and carrying out the various partial objectives of the Mandeo Project implies preparing a wide list of actions to be developed ...
Summary and justificationAny river, and by extension the Mandeo river, can be analyzed from various perspectives: as a resource, an environmental good or even a nat...
Management bodiesThe project management will be divided in two basic levels:

1.- Strategic level: its management body is the STEERING COMMITTEE, which perfo...
Participation of the councilsEstablishing compromise and participation processes, both municipal and social, is one of the basic tenets of Mandeo Project. Municipal coll...
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