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Implementing and carrying out the various partial objectives of the Mandeo Project implies preparing a wide list of actions to be developed in the short, medium, and long term. A Coruña Provincial Council brought those actions together in three fields, wich, in turn, are structured in individual activities:

1. Optimization of water uses, which will boost a sustainable model to use and consume water resources.

2. Tourism dinamizing, which will promote the creation of new production activities in the rural areas, contributing to generate incomes and employment, and to slow the current depopulation process down.

3. Environmental education and training, in order to increase the environmental knowledge at all levels to make the society aware of the wealth and value that the basin of the Mandeo has.

More information about Actions

Optimization of water uses
Tourism dinamizing
Environmental education and training
Optimization of water usesTo accomplish the desired sustainable model to use and consume water, technical actions have been planned to be developed in the first stage...
Tourism dinamizingTo promote the emergence of new productive activities in rural areas are being implemented actions aimed at boosting tourism enhance the nat...
Environmental education and trainingThe aims of the last stage of the project, which includes seven educational actions, consist on increasing the environmental knowledge, and ...
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