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Participation of the councils

Establishing compromise and participation processes, both municipal and social, is one of the basic tenets of Mandeo Project. Municipal collaboration forced the councils integrated in the project to take on the development of several commitments and actions. Some of them were planned and executed in previous stages of the project, whereas others, nevertheless, will become real in future stages.

Actions of town councils:

- Preparing an inventory of actions which fit into the several actions of the project in each council.
- Constituting the local work group guaranteeing the participation of all the interested agents in taking part. To do this, they will have thesupport of the Regional Council through Idom.
- Appointment of alocal technician who will be the speaker and coordiator of the localwork groups. They will meet together bimonthly.
- Spreading the aims of the project in each council by information circulars, presentations, talks, etc. so that the citizens involvement is guaranteed, and they share the nature of the project.
- Collaboration agreement on administrative negotiations and procedures to manage the ceding or acquisition of lands, licenses, etc.
- Once the Regional Council and the councils have signed the delivery certificate and after the receipt of the corresponding work or supply has occurred; upkeeping facilities and obligation to use them to what they were initially built.

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