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Public participation

The public participation area is the body in charge of informing the beneficiaries of the project actions, and considering their possible suggestions and communications. Its essential function is boosting and increasing the participation and cohesion of the social agents linked to the river.

By now, the next actions have been planned and executed in this process:

-The presentation ceremony, hosted by the president of the Regional Council of A Coruña; Mr. Salvador Fernández Moreda, was held on 13th of December, 2007 in the country house of Mariñán (A Coruña). Municipalties from the Province of A Coruña under 20,000 inhabitants, several organizations, agents, and institutions were convened.

-On 4th and 19th of December, 2007 both joining and support letters were sent to the municipalties under 20,000 inhabitants; and to organizations, institutions, and asociations respectively; i.e. the interested parties in the project. 100% of the municipalties under 20,000 inhabitants (83 councils) have joined the project.

-Presentations carried out in the country house of Mariñán as well as the rest of the documentation (joining letters, support letters to the project, etc) are at any interested party disposal in the website of the Regional Council ( During the public participation process several suggestions have been received and taken into account to execute the project.

-Announcing the strategic aims of the project in several local and regional media.

-The Regional Council and the collaborative team of the University of A Coruña have held meetings with several local authorities,institutions, private companies, associations and administrations; so that the MANDEO project has the most support possible.

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