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Recreation Areas

Coincide with areas of environmental interest or tourism, visitors can enjoy entertainment areas designed specifically for the project, which can both play and learn about Mandeo basin.

In Bergondo has become an old fishing playground. In the area or Peter the visitor can discover a traditional boat, a small treasure intended for the youngest who will bring history, old trades and maritime archeology simple and fun.

Oza dos Ríos has an environment in which the vegetation and the river are true protagonists. To value these elements have been installed a zip line and a ferry-based logs, elements are integrated seamlessly into the landscape.

Sobrado has built a giant puzzle with moving parts structure allows us to reconstruct a historical text in Latin. It also includes a recreation of a dolmen, a fort and two Roman watchtowers where you can play and discover the reason for the construction of our ancestors and their way of life.

In Cesuras, in place of A Rexidoira, was rehabilitated an old field road workers, creating an open space in the rear, where they are located juevos interpretive panels and knowledge. Highlights several mills and a stone bridge over the River Mendo.

Aranga turn puzzle features a sculpture with moving parts Mandeo Protected Species and a recreational mountain and a series circuit of wood.

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